“I’m Annika, a nutritional therapist based in Carmarthenshire, South-West of Wales. I work with women struggling with their hormones, fertility, fatigue, and digestion.

It was my own fertility journey that ignited my passion for nutrition and prompted me to become a Nutritional Therapist.”

My approach

As a Nutritional Therapist it is my mission to optimise your health by uniquely integrating a functional medicine and a science-based approach. This means I seek to uncover the underlying causes of your health issues. I look beyond your main symptoms to ensure all the body systems have what they need in order to function to their optimum, identifying your potential biochemical and nutritional imbalances, which may be contributing to your symptoms or health issues.

This is achieved using a personalised and staged approach, rather than the conventional “one size fits all”. My vision is to support each individual’s dietary and health needs whilst achieving their health goals or for those on their fertility journey to achieve their dreams of creating a family.

It may be that you have spent many hours of your day until now looking at an abundance of information to support your hormone health or fertility journey, this can be very overwhelming and cause much confusion.

Your journey is already challenging, and it is my belief to simplify this for you. By making small gradual improvements, which are achievable, are far more effective than extreme changes which are not sustainable, causing unnecessary stress on your health or fertility journey.

Why seek nutritional therapy support? 


  • Do you feel tired most of the time and unsure where your energy levels have gone?
  • Do you struggle with digestive issues and have accepted that this is something you have to live with?
  • Do you feel like you’re on a hormonal roller coaster each month and looking to achieve stable moods and a healthy libido?
  • Do you struggle with your weight, and would love to gain control again to feel comfortable in your own body again, without trying fad diets and being deprived of certain foods?
  • Are preparing for pregnancy and looking to get as healthy as possible before you conceive?
  • Are you about to start fertility treatment, and would like to feel like you’re doing something positive to enhance your chances?
  • Are you struggling to get or stay pregnant and feel cheated by your body?
  • Or you may just want to simply feel yourself again.

These are some reasons why women come to my clinic and are able to take some control back of their health issues. I have experienced most of the feelings mentioned above at some point, so I know exactly how it feels. It was actually my own health journey that sparked my love for nutrition and it is a privilege to now support women take control of their own health.

My approach is to educate, empower and support you. I feel it is always important to never deprive yourself but to focus on a wholesome and nourishing outcome. I want you to thrive in your own body and be able to just enjoy life.

Whatever part of your fertility journey you are on, whilst creating that special new life, I am here to support you. Whether you are looking to improve your general wellbeing for natural conception, addressing your PCOS diagnosis or wanting to increase your IVF success, I provide bespoke advice for optimising your nutrition and lifestyle and working towards nourishing that new life.

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Power of food

My priority is to keep you on track and provide invaluable support throughout your journey. It is important to me that the process is enjoyable, achievable, and nutritionally delicious. Nutritious food allows for a good balance of those essential nutrients to get your body back into balance and working in harmony. I offer tailored meal plans and recipes, which are simple and delicious, in order to empower you in making the right food choices to enhance your health and optimise your hormones/fertility.

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Beyond nutrition

With infertility being a complex process, I go beyond nutrition by focusing on optimising your wellbeing and fertility through looking into your sleep, movement, mindset and environment. I may recommend a supportive supplement programme and functional testing if I feel this will enhance your fertility success.

Please note: I do not recommend nutritional therapy as a replacement for medical advice and will always refer a client with what I would call a ‘red flag’ sign or symptom to your medical professional. I will also work alongside a medical professional or other trusted specialist healthcare professional involved in your wellbeing.

Please take a look at this video from The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) to learn more about Nutritional Therapy.

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