My fertility journey really impacted my mental health, and this makes me so passionate about supporting both women and men during their emotional journey. I truly believe that providing support and techniques to couples whilst creating their special new life, will significantly enhance their mental wellbeing. 

I am also passionate about owing the power of nutrition and lifestyle medicine in the transformation of my reproductive health. This led me to being passionate about empowering women and men to optimise their fertility on their journey to nourishing new life.

About the Freedom Fertility Formula

Fertility issues can have you feeling like you are locked in an emotional prison can’t it? With everyone else appearing to be getting on with their lives, whilst you stay trapped in limbo. That place of wondering whether you should still have hope, or perhaps it is time to give up on your greatest desire.

It can be so hard to keep going when you are struggling with something so big., particularly as you are probably feeling isolated and alone.

Everyone around you seems to be falling pregnant with ease, and you dream of the day that you upload your announcement for the world to see, but it feels like it will never be your turn. Many of those around you don’t understand (or at least don’t appear to), and in some cases, don’t even know how to be in your company anymore.

It is almost as if your fertility struggles have become the white elephant in the room.

You are trapped in an invisible fog of stress, anxiety, sadness, anger and loneliness, and it is seeping into every aspect of your life, daily.

If you are reading this nodding your head in agreement, you may be wondering how on earth you can break free of all this pain and hurt.

There’s some good news…

There is a structured way to handle this emotional overwhelm, which step by step, enables you to take back control of your life and your fertility journey.

Doing what you want and enjoying your life once again, all whilst still holding space for a baby. It is time to unlock the doors to your emotional prison and begin to live again.

As your Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist, I will….

  • Help you to take back control of your everyday life whilst supporting your chances of having a baby too
  • Support your mental health and emotional well-being during your fertility journey
  • Support you to understand how your emotions are impacting your fertility
  • Provide practical strategies to manage your emotional wellbeing that will optimise your fertility

As a Freedom Fertility Formula Coach, I want you to:

  • To feel positive when you wake up in the morning and optimistic about the day ahead.
  • Reconnect with yourself and increase your self-confidence and have trust in your body.
  • Let go of the negative experiences of the past by releasing them and move forward with those thoughts that may be holding you back
  • To reconnect with your partner and reignite the passion in your lives together
  • Say yes to social invitations, and make plans for the future which includes your partner, friends and/or family
  • To move forward with positivity, in a way that excites you and to embrace what the future holds. 

My FERTILITY SPECIALIST package includes

Free 15-minute call

If this is something that you find intriguing, why not get in contact with me to book a FREE discovery call to see if this is the right formula for you. This allows you to ask any questions you may have about the program and how it will work for you.

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Fertility First Aid Session

This can be a stand-alone session or it will be your first session if you have signed up for the whole programme straight way. Much like traditional first-aid, its aim is to prevent more ‘damage’ occurring until full treatment can be provided for the wound, in this case, the emotional wounds that come with a difficult fertility journey.

Foundation Session

Having attended a Freedom Fertility First Aid™ session it is time to lay down a strong foundation for change. This is a back-to-basics session around self-care, stress management, and tapping into your sixth sense so you know you are making all the right decisions for you. Focused on getting you to a place in which you will have the emotional capacity to focus on hope.

Emotions Session

Learn about your emotions in a whole new way so that they are able to guide you in the best direction rather than holding you back. Difficult feelings should never be squashed down, however, the teachings around how to ‘let them go’ are just as harming too. This session will support you to recognise that emotions are there to help guide you and to show you how to get back to feeling emotionally in control.

Reprogramming Session

Shows you how to recognise that embedded beliefs and experiences are affecting your fertility, as well as how to reprogramme your brain’s ‘route maps’. Let go of the negative experiences and subconscious emotional blocks that may be inadvertently affecting your fertility, and set up new pathways for success instead.

Tactics Session

Know how to instantly change your emotional state whenever you need it and protect yourself from the negative impacts of life. Gives you a robust method for handling unpredictable external triggers.

Imagination Session

By now you are in a much stronger place and able to start using the power of your mind now to make changes in your body that will support your fertility. Use the power of the mind/body connection to enhance your natural fertility and double the success rate of IVF.

Liberation Session

Allows you to review your progress and to look to the future with confidence. Feel ready to accept invitations, make plans, and get on with living your life again knowing that you can handle anything.

Additional Modules

I also offer both inclusive and stand-alone sessions which includes:

  • IVF / Assisted Treatment
  • Newly Pregnant
  • Handling loss
  • Enjoyment session – Following completion of the FFF main modules. Wake up each day feeling positive and optimistic, enjoy fun times with your family and friends, and feel passionate about your partner, your relationships, and your life in general.

Please contact me for further more details.

Will this really work?

Nothing can guarantee a pregnancy. This is different because the aim is to improve how you’re feeling and thinking about your fertility (and yourself). That way, you can start living life the way you want, instead of life being on hold while you wait.

The good thing is, living your life and feeling hopeful again improves the chance of pregnancy success. This programme isn’t only about pregnancy. It’s about feeling like you again. Learning how to let go of the emotional blocks, stress, and anxiety that are only getting worse.

I’ve learned so much from my fertility journey, of course, that’s easy to see now I’m on the other side. I can see that for me, perhaps it was a journey I needed to go on, to end up here. I write this to share my story, to pass on hope, as I found hope in the stories I read while struggling.

Freedom fertility investment

Pay as You Go Sessions

Initial 120-minute session appointment: £100 or £140 per couple

90-minute subsequent appointment: £80 or £120 per couple

Working with you will be around 3-month support journey. For couples, this may be longer.

Pay in advance support package

If you chose to purchase the whole programme upfront (excluding additional modules) the total cost is reduced to £480, saving £80. Couples are always welcome at £760 saving £100.

This dynamic emotional healing and life empowerment journey with me includes:

  • Informative and interactive sessions loaded with tools, techniques to support you to begin moving forwards again in the comfort of your own home, or when permitted face to face. (Held approximately every other week)
  • Initial 120-minute First Aid session
  • 6 x 1.5-hour FFF sessions (as discussed above)
  • Access to client resources area (written and audio content)
  • FREE Life Quest Journal to plan, reflect and stay on track
  • Email contact as required between sessions.

How will the Freedom Fertility Formula support me?

So much fertility advice is about what you can do physically to improve chances of pregnancy. However, where is the emotional support? The advice for reducing the stress and anxiety caused by trying to conceive? The support for the grief of miscarriage as well as the dream you have which isn’t happening the way you planned? 

This is something I found to be missing, due to my own personal journey, I found this made all the difference. 

Imagine having someone on your side, who gets it and who listens to you. Someone who cares what happens to you on your fertility journey.

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